Delmar Wood

A beautiful green woodland located near the village of Stenmark. It contains Delmar Lake, home to the Autumn’s Pass, a coven of worshipers of the deity, Obad Hai.

Recent News

In times of late, a group of priests of Obad Hai and five hunters had gone missing during expeditions into the forest. The wizard Limnex entrusted the job of rescuing the lost men to a group of his associates. They confronted the evil druid Bannafar, a Killoren, who had unleashed a plague upon the forest in order to rid it of its human inhabitants. The plague seemingly took control of animal hosts to attack the adventurers. With Bannafar dead, the forest slowly began to return to normal.

Magnificent trees stand so close to each other that they form a giant hall proceeding straight in the direction of the lake. While the canopy is dense with leaves, light still penetrates, leaving a dappled pattern on the forest floor. One wonders why such a natural and stunning scene is so devoid of the sounds of animals. As your feet take you deeper down the hall into a large, open chamber you notice oily black sap running from the trees, giving them an unhealthy aspect

Delmar Wood

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